Brendan Luchen

Full-Stack Engineer


Project Euler

An affinity for learning new things, a left-brain-meets-right approach to computing, and a passion for creative expression make me something like a Swiss-army sabre.

Delivered Results


Scripter of Java.
Tisane of Coffee.
Pointer of Stacks. Limericksmith.

Former Lives


Code Monkey
Ski Junkie
Game Maker
Bread Baker
Tea Drinker
Deep Thinker

My Toolbelt



What Drives Me


I take a slightly different approach to software. I code for love of the craft, but it is also a means to an end. Software is a precise but organic machine which solves a specific problem.

I try not to get lost in the implementation details.

I try to collect real experiences in lieu of those on paper. I fold them back into my core competencies to develop as a {human|professional|coder}. Work, play, teaching, learning, living. All are facets of the same thing. From baking and Starcraft to travel and Aikido, I learn and grow. That is my mission; coding merely brings the bacon.

I am neither a generalist nor a specialist. I am not shaped like a 'T' or like any other letter of the alphabet. I am a complex, fractally human being and become more so with every waking minute.

I'm also pretty good at building things.

I like to work with my brain and my hands, but I'm better at the former.